About Fight Hate

What does Fight Hate stand for?

Simply put, anyone who ignores, denies, or defends the murder of innocent Jews is antisemitic. Anyone who treats all Jews as immoral, regardless of their actual views, is antisemitic. Anyone who refuses to recognize that American Jews have played an outsized role in progressive causes or that a majority of Israelis are people of color or that 21% of Israel’s population are Arab-Israelis with full citizenship rights is complicit in the spread of antisemitic lies.

Fight Hate stands for the irrefutable idea that all forms of hate are wrong. We stand for the idea that innocent Palestinian lives are just as important as innocent Israeli lives. We stand for the idea that hatred against Muslims, blacks, or LGBTQ members is wrong, and so is hate against Jews.

We can disagree about Israeli policies, but when criticism against Israel turns to hate, lies, and threats of violence in America, we know antisemitism is the root cause. We know that when progressives thinly mask their antisemitic views as anti-Zionism, it’s hate. We know that tearing down posters of kidnapped children, denying that Israeli women have been raped, and screaming death to all Jews isn’t advocacy. It’s hate. It isn’t activism. It’s hate. 

At Fight Hate, we stand up for Jews and fight all forms of hate on college campuses and social media.

Through our Student Activism Initiative & Student Leadership Program, Fight Hate targets antisemitic threats on college campuses and social media. Each Student Activist will receive a stipend of $1,800 a semester & each Student Leader will receive a stipend of $7,200 annually. Each will complete our Activism & Social Media Orientation and will receive semester-long training and support from our team of seasoned political activists, government leaders, strategic communications specialists, and social media experts.

Our students will learn to be grassroots organizers, fighters of campus antisemitism, and accomplished creators of social media content. In addition, Student Activists & Student Leaders will partner with a dedicated Sponsor who has chosen to fight antisemitism at the Activist or Leader’s university.

Want to work with us?

Grassroots Mobilization & Training in Fighting Campus Hate for Student Activists & Leaders 

Best Practices Training in Social Media Content Production & Messaging

Sponsorship Programs & Partnerships for Students Activists & Leaders

Campaign Support & Guidance for Student Leaders Who Run for Student Government or Currently Hold Office

Continuing Education & Mentorship for the Next Generation of Leaders